Friday, February 19, 2010

While reading the book "In Defense of Food", written by Michael Pollan. The idea of Nutritionism is brought up many times, mainly referring to the typical diet Americans have today. Pollan did not come up with the term, but first saw it in an article written by an Australian sociologist named Gyorgy Scrinis. The basic definition of Nutritionism is "Foods are essentially the sum of their nutrient parts" (Pollan, 28). Pollan argues that because our society has turned to eating mainly intimidation food, we are a lot less healthy. The funny thing is that all of these processed and "Adulterated" foods were designed to help the human body.
One main example of an "Adulterated" food is the imitation butter we like to call margarine. It's cheep, easily available to consumers whatever season it is, and is so versatile that you can add almost any vitamin to it. But as Pollan states in his book, Margarine is " apparently Unkillable. Too bad the same cannot be said of an unknown number of margarine eaters" (Pollan, 33)

I think the main reason for our lack of Nutrition can be traced to the society we all live in. Now a days everyone wants things done fast because efficiency is the key to everything. Because of this most Americans spend their times in drive through lanes, looking for a quick fix on energy for the day. The get fooled by the pictures and clever advertising placed on the board in front of them. Its economics 101, If you keep having a customer why should you change anything about the product.
Growing up in an Italian family, dinner was a special family project every single night. We all took time to sit down and enjoy the food we made, and the company of the people around us. Like Daniel J. Gansle says in his article Eat Healthy, Live Longer, "The problem with our overprocessed- and fast-food culture is that food is eaten in a hurry as opposed to something that is savored and enjoyed." Basically what it comes down to is not only your physical health, but also your mental health. If you take the time to prepare a healthy meal, and sit down with you friends and family, you will be much more healthier, physically and mentally.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UPDATE: U.S. assault in Marjah

According to Marine Corps Times the battle for Marjah went very smooth with only a few mishaps. There is still resistance scattered throughout the city, but it is mostly indirect and more of a nuisance than at threat. For more information on the subject check out Marine Corps Times.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Real reason's for the M249

For those of you who do not know the military is thinking of scrapping the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). The logic behind this idea is that the M249SAW, while having a high rate of fire lacks accuracy. There are many reason this raises such a concern; one is with the struggling economy on the home front, why should we keep spending money on poorly used ammo. The M249 SAW an air cooled, open bolt weapon that fires a 200 round 5.56mm belt at a rate of 750-1000 RPM (Rounds Per Minuet). According to the U.S. Infantry Weapons Guide, the single cost of a 5.56 mm round is $0.24, so basic math shows us that a single belt of ammunition costs $48.00 ( 200 x .24). Other factors that go into the unit cost is the transportation from armory to theater, and the special care that goes with handling live ammunition. Even with the amount of marksmanship training, it is a lot easier for the A gunner (Shooter) to just hold down the trigger instead of picking targets. This is an argument that most would like to make regarding whether or not the M249 should remain in service. From what I have previously learned about the M249 SAW is that, it is meant for support fire in a skirmish. What this means is when a squad is out on patrol they have a squad leader, Riflemen (1 who is support for SAW)and an Automatic Riflemen (SAW Gunner). Once enemy contact is established and rounds are being exchanged, it is the SAW gunners responsibility to keep the enemy suppressed , so the rest of the squad can regroup and move to flank the enemy. General James Conway (Commandant of The Marine Corps) expresses my feeling exactly when he bring up " Fire Superiority" in the video posted above. The sound of a belt fed weapon has more of a psychological effect on both the enemy and the squad utilizing the weapon. When you are in a firefight and have rapid fire rounds flying down range towards your squad; it would be hard to stand up and expose yourself to get one round off. On the other hand if you are in a squad, and have a M249 SAW throwing multiple rounds down range, you would be able to spend more time getting in a flanking positing than focusing on getting rounds off down range. Since the M249 SAW was introduced to the United State's Military in 1984, as a replacement to the M60 it has proved its worth on the battlefield. The real question comes down to whether or not we are willing to change the tactics, that have been proven in the Middle East, Somalia and other corners of the globe.

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F35 Joint Strike Fighter STOVL

Friday, February 5, 2010

There is still a path for Warriors, Paved was Sacrifice, Illuminated with purpose, Covered in Sweat; Becoming a warrior means Joining a Brotherhood, Forged in the Crucible of Training, Proven on the Field of Battle, A true Warrior is measured not only by his Strength, But by his Honor; our victories are measured in stars and stripes; We never rest, for there is always another battle, waiting to be fought, and won.